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Creating exceptional excellence

                   In the heart of the South of France, two incredible women, each a powerhouse in her own realm, are embarking on a journey together to redefine the landscape of the luxury wedding industry.


Meet Christine "Chrissy" Caubere and Sara Serenander, a visionary team brought together by a shared passion for creating unparalleled experiences and a commitment to challenging the status quo.

Both Chrissy and Sara bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Chrissy, a very knowledgeable and highly experienced wedding and event planner renowned for orchestrating the most incredible and exclusive weddings in the South of France.

Sara is a Travel Concierge expert with an exceptional eye for creating the most memorable travel experiences for her clients taking every details under consideration to create something unique for each and every customer.

The magic began when their paths crossed and they decided to join forces to create an outstanding level of service within the exclusive world of luxury destination weddings on the Cote d'Azur and Provence.

Their collaboration is fueled by a shared vision: to elevate the art of weddings to new heights in the South of France. Together, they aim to infuse a fresh, contemporary, Scandinavian perspective and introduce an aesthetic that seamlessly blends luxury and modernity together.

Sara Serenander and Christine Chrissy Caubere

Our promise to you

We will offer you an all inclusive travel and wedding package that will take care of you and all of your guests for the whole duration while you are in France.

You will have the two of us at your disposal from the beginning of the wedding planning until everyone has left France after your wedding.

With a long experience within the field of luxury weddings, bespoke travel and exceptional service you can rest assured that your wedding will be nothing short of extraordinary, incredible and tailor-made just for you to reflect your love for each other.

Meet The Team

Cristine Chrissy Caubere
Christine Caubere

Chrissy, an esteemed Swedish luxury wedding planner has been based in the breathtaking Cote d'Azur for 20 years
and brings with her invaluable experience and a network of contacts in this area.

With a deep passion for creating unforgettable moments and a penchant for orchestrating high-end destination weddings, she brings a unique blend of expertise and flair to the world of matrimonial celebrations.

Her clientele comes from all over the world to experience the renowned French Riviera and Provence on their most magical day.

Chrissy's journey into the realm of luxury weddings has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure. With a background steeped in the world of yachting and catering to VIP clients, she honed her skills to curate extraordinary experiences. Her specialisation lies in crafting bespoke destination weddings that transcend expectations, transforming dreams into reality.

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Skärmavbild 2023-12-01 kl. 16.52.47.png
Sara Serenander

Sara is also Swedish and is based both in the South of France and in Stockholm. She brings with her a natural level of enthusiasm, practicality and professionalism to the business. 

Sara has an extensive experience within the travel and aviation industry and today she runs her own luxury travel concierge business Get Me Lost AB.

She is also half of the duo for which is dedicated to event planning in the Champagne region.

Her clients come from all over the world with one interest in common; they want their next tailor made travel experience to be in France.

As a Travel Concierge, Sara works within the luxury field of travel and she is very use to creating customised, bespoke itineraries. For her, every arrangement and every client are unique and should be treated with exceptional service.

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